Connected Environments for Optimal Operations and Service
Government building integration needs are unique. While many facilities have great aesthetic appeal, they also date back to many decades and some even more than a century. Besides the age of the building, connectivity solutions for government facilities have to take into account accommodations for the public, new legislative mandates, and tight budgets. Aptitude has created fully connected built environments for government facilities across the U.S. to enhance operations and services to the public.

Aptitude has the expertise to plan, design, install, and support the integration of your government building. There are no surprise costs and no need for government clients to work with multiple subtrades and contractors. Aptitude saves time and money by serving as the go-to source for advice on critical decisions in the project.

The Aptitude Advantage

  • Handle every part of implementation, from concept to post-delivery, for fast, cost-effective integration
  • Tailor components of your built-environment to serve the needs of the structure
  • Work with all internal and external stakeholders to get the job done right, on-time, and within budget

Featured Project

Wyoming State Capitol Square

Project Highlights

Size:  490,800 sq. ft. 
Year Completed: 2021
Location:  Cheyenne, WY 
Type: Government
Client: State of Wyoming 

Key Systems Integrated

Saved in Project Costs

Aptitude was brought in by the Wyoming state government for the complete restoration of the Wyoming State Capitol Building, a National Historic Landmark built in 1886. By employing creative design and install methods, Aptitude assisted in preserving the original, awe-inspiring aesthetic of the historic landmark while reconfiguring the space to accommodate state-of- the-art technologies and infrastructure, and improved life safety systems.

  • Seamless addition of multiple systems and services including network architecture for the state’s Security Operations Center, where cameras and sensors in state-run facilities across Wyoming are monitored
  • Design and installation of state-of-the-art fire damage control and early smoke detection systems
  • Expert coordination and walkthroughs to eliminate bottlenecks and project delays

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