Collin College

Technology Integration Boosts STEM Education

Project Highlights

Size: 91,679 sq. ft.
Year Completed: 2021
Location: Frisco, TX
Type: Science & Technology
Client: Collin College, Frisco Campus

Key Systems Integrated

Saved in Project Costs

Technology Vendors Managed

With more than 2,500 students pursuing IT and computer technology degrees at their Frisco Campus, Collin College’s brand new Information Technology Center of Excellence needed state-of-the-art technology integration for the 91,679 sq. ft. three-story building.

The Challenge

The goal of the facility was to enhance exploration, collaboration, and critical thinking in modern IT, computer programming, and digital networking disciplines. The three-story building had to house multiple classrooms, state-of-the-art computer labs, administrative offices, conference rooms, corporate training classrooms, and group study spaces with all equipment and assets connected on the highest speed networks available.

Collin College chose to partner with Aptitude to deliver the full-scope connectivity solution for their curriculum’s newest keystone facility.

Recognizing the complexities, rigid deadlines and daunting challenges, Aptitude’s first task was to establish a collaborative and phased approach to the project. A proprietary Graphic Master Schedule process was created to define deliverables, set deadlines, and give the right people the right information at the right time. Weekly meetings with key teams were scheduled to proactively manage budget and schedule.

Collaborative Approach

The placement of equipment and furniture was accomplished with creative project management and regular meetings with the Collin College IT and design groups. More than 100 floor boxes, along with more than 300 poke-throughs and walker ducts were perfectly aligned with campus furniture because of Aptitude’s material selection, BIM modeling, detailed furniture overlays, concrete leave outs, and owner site design verification. Cohesive teamwork ensured that the existing Collin College network would integrate flawlessly with the additions to the infrastructure, and the campus’s latest addition would be a completely connected building on day one.

The Results

By acting as the single technology integrator for the owner, design team, trade partners, and third-party consultants, Aptitude provided the information, tools, and expertise necessary to deliver top notch integration at Collin College’s newest and most sophisticated learning facility. Aptitude delivered a state-of-the-art built-environment for a significantly lower cost than Collin College’s target budget, and will help the future generations of scientists and technologists realize their full potential.

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