Portland International Airport

Portland International Airport: An Aptitude Success Story

Project Highlights

Size: 1,655,400 sq. ft.
Year Completed: In-Progress
Location: Portland, OR
Type: Aviation
Client: Port of Portland

Key Systems Integrated

Saved in Project Costs

Technology Vendors Managed

Covering 3,000 acres in the heart of Portland, OR, Portland International Airport (PDX) is the state’s largest airport. It serves as hub for multiple international airlines with direct flights and connections to virtually every major city across the U.S. To enhance travelers’ experiences and expand operations, the facility’s owner, the Port of Portland, initiated a massive transformation with new construction as well as renovation of existing facilities.

The Challenge

A significant part of the massive transformation of the airport was the addition of a modern six-story, 1,655,400 square-foot parking garage and associated five-story rental car facility. A key priority was the integration of 13 building systems and services including access control, fire alarm, BAS, and digital signage.

Additionally, existing utility lines and services feeding to and from the airport’s central utility plant had to be relocated to accommodate the new build. Development work throughout the construction phase would need to be coordinated with numerous vendors to allow the garage and associated building to be integrated on-site. Lastly, all new structures had to be fully capable of withstanding a major seismic event, adding numerous safety, development, and coordination layers to the already elaborate integration.

With so many complex needs, the Port made the decision to partner with Aptitude, known for its expertise in aviation integration.

Collaborative Approach

To establish goals and requirements for the integration project, Aptitude established clear channels of communication and collaboration with key stakeholders.

Aptitude worked diligently to develop detailed schedules and design paths, determining the project’s critical activities by combining a forward looking and “work backwards” approach to planning. The company solidified time lines, activities, and goals and shared them with project teams, vendors, and trade partners. The collaboration benefited the project in every phase.

As work began, Aptitude discovered that the airport’s central utility plant had numerous lines that would need to be dug up and relocated to ensure that power and network infrastructure stayed online throughout the project. With ingenuity and careful planning, the company worked to coordinate and manage those efforts with no disruptions to the airport’s utilities or services lines.

A crucial component of the project’s integration was the access control system. Fire and safety alarms, digital signage, and parking revenue needed seamless and enhanced connections to access control while integrating with lighting and BAS controls.

The requirements of Level 4 Seismic Resilience for the new structures and existing utilities connected to the airport, surrounding buildings, and businesses created unique design and cabling challenges. Aptitude’s thorough analysis of data as well as area and facility conditions led to the coordination and install of a right-fit seismic flooring solution that worked seamlessly with the entire facility’s systems and services integration. Aptitude also went beyond systems integration, evaluating and coordinating seismic resiliency options for the Emergency Operations Center that was relocated from the airport terminal to the new car rental facility.

The Results

The massive undertaking was completed on time and within budget, thanks to Aptitude’s robust processes, responsive communication, and innovative design. Aptitude integrated 13 different systems across the structure, and did so while meeting the strictest safety codes. With careful planning and resourceful project management, Aptitude was able to meet and exceed expectations for the Port of Portland, going above and beyond the integration’s scope and helping to improve the experience of visitors, staff, and travelers alike. As a dedicated partner in building connectivity and expert in aviation integration, Aptitude is proud to have helped PDX and the Port of Portland reach new heights in connecting people and passengers with their facilities, and with the world.

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