Women’s and Children’s Pavilion

Advancing Maternal and Pediatric Care

Project Highlights

Size: 378,000 sq. ft.
Year Completed: In-Progress
Location: Gilbert, AZ
Type: Healthcare
Client: Dignity Health Mercy Gilbert Medical Center

Key systems integrated

Saved in project costs

Technology Vendors Managed

The Women’s and Children’s Pavilion at Dignity Health Mercy Gilbert Medical Center was designed and built to provide community residents greater access to high quality maternal and pediatric care. To do so, the Pavilion would need integrated state-of-the-art technology accessible to physicians, nurses, therapists, and staff. Adding to the complexity of the project was the need to combine the expertise, systems, and standards of two care providers — Dignity Health and Phoenix Children’s.

The Challenge

A critical component of the project was the need to combine the expertise, systems, and standards of two care providers. Aptitude understood the project’s complexity and began due diligence and knowledge gathering to determine integration needs. Aptitude project leaders met regularly with key stakeholders to establish scope and schedule, discuss existing systems, design concepts and needs requirements, and discover the needs of two healthcare operators.

With two nurse call systems under a single roof and separate side-by-side communication rooms for each provider’s IT staff, the project created unique systems integration demands. In addition, eight different vendors with separate budgets, procurement processes, and systems installation concepts were identified during the initial phases.

Collaborative Approach

With its broad and deep industry experience, and well-crafted planning and coordination, Aptitude was able to coordinate with all stakeholders to keep the project moving forward without schedule setbacks or additional costs. In fact, Aptitude was able to streamline all systems, immediately restoring over $260,000 back into the project budget. As the installation and integration of Pavilion’s key platforms progressed, Aptitude identified new ways to save costs.

Aptitude utilized state-of-the-art VCD technologies to visualize project design needs. With building information modeling (BIM), the company established alternate cable path routes within an adjacent building, reducing the backbone cable tray cost by approximately $70,000. This helped in streamlining the integration of other crucial facility systems, including hardware, emergency call services, and networked computer systems throughout the new facility, adding even more value for the owner.

The Results

By working closely with Dignity Health and Phoenix Children’s Hospital as a trusted advisor in building systems integration and going above and beyond for the client, Aptitude will deliver a state-of-the-art environment to Arizona’s most sophisticated healthcare facility dedicated to women and children.

Aptitude will continue to look to Dignity Health as a valued business partner, and is thrilled to have contributed to its mission to provide the best care and services for its patients.

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