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Infrastructures for the Future
Aptitude helps science and technology institutions reach new heights of innovation success, whether it’s a pharma company, an academic research facility, a biotech hub, or a cloud computing startup.

Comprehensive services include the development, design, and implementation of completely connected building systems and technologies to protect and enhance critical infrastructure, improve safety and sustainability, and increase occupant productivity.

Floor box locations, rack room optimization, and network architecture are just the start of technology integration. Aptitude establishes client needs with a thorough assessment of the property. The company provides clients a thorough understanding of the interdependent systems of buildings, the effects those systems have on one another and on occupants’ experiences. The Aptitude team tailors components of the built environment to serve and promote occupant comfort and productivity, increase building revenue and help users get the most value more from structures.

The Aptitude Advantage

  • Manage every phase of building integration
  • Continual focus on the building’s unique technology and systems needs
  • Coordination and collaboration with all stakeholders including owners, heads of departments, and vendors

Collin College Information Technology Center of Excellence

Project Highlights

Size:  91,679 sq. ft. 
Year Completed: 2021
Location:  Frisco, TX
Type: Science & Technology
Client: Collin College, Frisco Campus 

Key Systems Integrated

Saved in Project Costs

Technology Vendors Managed

Aptitude built full scope connectivity at a brand new three-story, 91,679 square-foot Information Technology Center at Collin College to support more than 2,500 students pursuing IT and computer technology degrees.

  • Equipment and assets in classrooms, state-of-the-art computer labs, administrative offices, conference rooms, corporate training classrooms, and group study spaces connected with the highest speed networks available
  • Modifications to the original structural cabling to ensure that the existing Collin College network integrate flawlessly with the additions to the infrastructure, and the center would be a completely connected building on day one
  • Extensive coordination with the client for placement of more than 100 floor boxes, 300 poke-throughs and walker ducts to align with the client’s furniture

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