Connecting People, Places, and Technology

Design-Build Systems Powered by Intelligent Integration
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Aptitude for Innovation

Reimagining Building Connectivity with Cutting Edge Technology

We leverage the close to a century of design-build experience from JE Dunn Construction and our superior technical expertise to develop integrated building solutions for commercial spaces. We seamlessly integrate smart technology, communication, access control, and security systems to build connected environments that optimize safety, comfort, and productivity.

The Aptitude Connectivity Solution

Our Approach for Successful Integration

We design a cost effective and fully integrated built environment to help you get the most out of the usable space in your building, one that improves the experience of everyone associated with it.

Conceptual Planning

Collaborate with building owners to bring their vision to life

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Single Point of Responsibility

Save time and money with one go-to source of advice on every critical project decision

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Systems & Technology Integration

Bring together people, places, and technologies

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